Product Description
Bitumen Modifiers


Naylawax comes in various grades and can be added to bitumen for modifying the properties such as for reduced temperature asphalt and /or reduced temperature. 


Nayler Chemicals can offer a range of cationic or anionic SBR Latex emulsions in IBCs or drums.

Bitumen Emulsifiers

Nayler Chemicals Ltd has a full range of anionic and cationic emulsifers for bitumens and polymer modified bitumens. This includes rapid, medium and slow break emulsifiers. If you are unsure as which type meets your requirements then please contact us and our knowledgeable staff will decide which products are best for your application.

Emulsion Viscosity Modifiers

Variations in formulation of your bitumen emulsion may mean that the viscosity may not be as desired for the subsequent application.

Nayler Chemicals have a range of established viscosity modifiers including thixotropic tickening agents. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Break Retarders

Slurry seal and microasphalt applications are normally cationic systems which may require the addition of a retarder or 'dope' in order to delay the setting time of the slurry for mixing and application. 

Nayler Chemicals have a long history of supplying good quality retarders into this sector, particularly to the UK market.  Nayler Chemicals supply in a range of containers from 25 litre containers up to 1000 litre IBC's

Adhesion Agents

Depending on the bitumen and aggregate natures used, it may be necessary to improve the coating and bonding between the bitumen and aggregate interface. A consquence of better bonding has been proven to give much better water resistance to the asphalt and therefore longer life pavements.

Nayler Chemicals has a range of adhesion agents. Included within our range are heat stable products designed to be added to the bitumen when stored for a period prior to mixing in the asphalt plant.  

Nayler Chemicals also offers the Arkema Cecabase products into this area.

Asphalt Additives

Nayler Chemicals is able to offer technical asistance to accompany the products from routine to specialist applications.  Products to the sector include: -


 NAYLAWAX is used for modifying the bitumen properties within an asphalt in order to improve properties such as improving rutting resistance, reducing permanent deformation and improving asphalt stiffness.


Nayler Chemicals has a range of adhesion agents for improving the bond between aggregate and bitumen aswell as reducing water sensitivity.

Also available are Arkema's Cecabase proucts.  Cecabase® - Arkema Group


Nayler Chemicals Ltd is the UK distributor of Road Application Chemicals for ARKEMA  Group.  Amongst ARKEMA's range of chemicals is the CECABASE RT technology which has been used extensiviely worldwide in this application. Cecabase RT® - Warm mix asphalt additives - Arkema Group